Here we'll cover general questions and paper goods information.  For more information on or apparel, please visit here; and for any questions about shipping please visit here.

1. ) Can I see my invitation/save the date/program/other item before you print it?

Yes, of course! Stephanie works closely with you to come up with a wonderful design. We do NOT print until the proof is to your specifications. You will see digital mockups of all pieces until you are 100% satisfied.

2. ) Can I see a sample of my custom design idea/color change/wording layout before I commit to purchase?

We're sorry, but due to our high volume of business, a 50% deposit for existing designs, and all custom design pieces must be paid in full prior to working with Stephanie.

    3. ) Do you hand paint each invitation yourself?

    No, while each design we create custom for clients is one of a kind - we create one design and then digitally print them. A custom piece can take hours to create and if we hand painted each card we would only be able to cater to very few couples in a year.  We do offer special and painted touches added to cards such as sparkle, but all elements we paint custom (calligraphy names, artwork, etc - are painted once and then printed)

    4. ) Are all the pieces in your portfolio available for sale?

    Great question!  Unfortunately, no. Some of our showcased pieces are very unique to a client, having special additions that have significant meaning to their family, relationship or life.  If you see a piece you like, please feel free to reach out and ask us first if it's available if you do not see it within our shop.  If it is not, we are happy to create something custom for you!

    That being said, the same consideration is taken for your custom piece if you request a custom design - if you wish your custom work to remain only as a portfolio piece and not reused, we will certainly respect your wishes.

    5.) I'm on a really tight budget... can you help me? Can I just print myself or get a template of your design?

    While we cannot provide you with digital printables or templates of custom work or our signature line from our portfolio, please feel free to fill out our questionnaire and we can see what options we have within your budget.

    An alternative option is to check out our DIY Templates over on Etsy.

    6. ) How much will it cost to send my invitations/invitation kit to guests?

    We are unable to know for sure as rates vary by location, and we do not have the equipment your local postal service would have.

    Once you receive your wedding invitations, you will need to put together your item exactly as you are intending to mail out (reply postage applied, placed in envelope, etc). Then take your invitation to your local post office and let them know you are needing a quote for postage for your wedding invitations. Don't forget to let them know if you will be mailing out of the country or state as it can impact the pricing in some cases.

    Make sure you get this quote before buying custom postage stamps so that you can be sure to order enough. Please do not send your invitations with standard postage or you may end up having your invitations returned to you with your envelopes marked up with stamps and/or other unnecessary markings.

    7. ) If I order custom wedding pieces, home and living and/or apparel items, do they all come together?

    Great question!  No, with working with outside producers to help us with the parts that we cannot manage in our small studio and that we do not specialize in, in an effort to provide you top quality products featuring Stephanie's one of a kind art our items may be shipped separately, and at different time frames.

    ◙   Mugs, Tumblers, T-Shirts/Tanks, Cosmetic Bags, Tote Bags, Soft-Spun Polyester Blend (Indoor/Outdoor) Pillows are shipped from our producer in Arizona, USA.  Most items arrive to their locations in 2-5 business days. During the holidays shipping times may be longer.

    ◙  Leggings, Scarves, Pencil Cases, Kimonos, Dresses, Crop Tops, Velveteen Pillows are shipped from our producer here in Canada - please see our FAQ on Apparel here for details.

    ◙  Linen Cotton Blend PIllows, Tea Towels, Fleece Blankets, and all Stationery and Paintings come straight from our studio in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Most items arrive to their location in 4-10 business days once shipped. During the holidays shipping times may be longer.

      watercolor cherry blossom branch

      Southern Wedding Program Rustic Floral Watercolor Program

      Mama Needs a Nap Mug Watercolor Mug

      Spring Blooms Watercolor Floral Tote Bag

      Starfish Dreams Watercolor Beach Wedding

      Country Mom Mug - Mornin Y'all Statement Mug Coffee Mug - Coffee Humor Mug - Morning Yall Ceramic Mug - Unique Coffee Mug Coffee Lover Gift