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Our Story

Our boutique's story begins back in 2006/2007 with just a small idea. A love for weddings and an even bigger love of art.

Stephanie was already a published illustrator for video game, animation and children's book media (a standing career of over 15 years) but she always had a love for the whimsical side of wedding designs. Inspired by some beautiful hand painted wedding invitations she had seen years prior, she thought of how wonderful it would be to create something of the same sort with her own bold artistic flair; but she left it on the back burner as she pursued other endeavors in her artistic field.

Fast forward to 2013, where with much planning and preparation Paint the Day Designs was born from the encouragement and support from her then fiance Taylor, who also had a passion for art with a background in video game design. They built their shop together and Stephanie worked hard on various hand painted designs, water bottle labels, mad lib cards, wedding programs and other stationery in printables and printed mediums, and with the high demand for DIY kits, templates were added to the stock within a month of this.

Fun fact: As of their 2 year anniversary, in the spring of 2015, Paint the Day Designs has provided wedding and event services to clients in 36 different countries all over the world!

With our growing success and connecting with clients after their special events have passed, we wanted to touch on other aspects of life and add a special touch of hand painted class, and watercolor whimsy to both the home and our client's life.

So with the increased interest in a small selection of print on demand decor products and inquiries about our services beyond our stationery studio, we decided to step it up a bit and expand our brand.

So with that in mind, we decided to release our new Home & Living collection featuring beautiful apparel and home decor products featuring Stephanie Denne's watercolor designs at the end of summer 2016.

While we have partnered with a Canadian supplier to produce our apparel and accessory items (such as scarves, kimonos and device cases), and have partnered with a supplier for our dye sublimation products, and some of our home decor products; we create and hand sew our boutique signature home decor items such as tea towels, linen throw pillow covers, makeup bags, and premium fleece blankets right here in our Muskoka based studio!

We also offer archival quality giclee art prints printed on 100% cotton rag media (acid, lignin, and chlorine free, our giclee prints are pH buffered with calcium carbonate for a true archival sheet) with pigment based inks, and original paintings produced directly here in the Paint the Day Designs studios.

We've shifted our focus away from digital products that can still be found on Etsy and put our attention to the original purpose and vision of Paint the Day Designs brand. 

The heart and life of this business is about making each and every client's day truly magical with every brush stroke, click of the mouse, and keystroke. We want to "paint your day" in whatever way you envision it.

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